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Jose Grimes
Jose Grimes is a dividend shareholder and look for undervalued investments in the stock market. He identifies misunderstood and undervalued equity investments and holds those securities until their price approximates his estimate of intrinsic value. He is a long-term shareholder only. He holds an undergraduate degree in Physics from Holy Cross College and a JD from Georgetown University.
He works as a top contributor on nysetradingupdates.com. He covers Consumer Goods & Market News section of the website.
Mr. Jose Grimes can be reached at: Josegrimes@nysetradingupdates.com
Robert smith
He is a simple individual shareholder who believes that the playing field is level, but may require active administration of one’s holdings. He analyzes trading strategy, individual stocks, asset classes, market sectors, and risk to reward parameters in order to provide valuable insight to the nysetradingupdates.com community.
Robert smith covers the Energy & Market News Section of the website.
Mr. Robert smith can be reached at: robertsmith @nysetradingupdates.com
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill covers technology sector for Nyse Trading Updates, and helps out occasionally with other industry sectors. He has written about investment and personal finance topics for more than 20 years from a lowly copywriter to editor-in-chief, so he has done a little bit of everything. For what it’s worth, he has a BBA from Duke University and an MBA from Rollins College.
Ryan Hill:
Mr. Ryan Hill can be reached at ryanhill @nysetradingupdates.com
Henry Poythress
Henry Poythress investing focus is on finding and analyzing high-yield dividend paying stocks. She has a strong preference for deep value plays and/or stocks with a strong track record of dividend growth. The sectors he covers range from upstream MLPs, mREITs, BDCs, and dividend-growth stocks.
Mr. Henry Poythress can be reached at henrypoythress @nysetradingupdates.com