Mobile Iron (NASDAQ: MOBL), the protection vertebrae for the digital venture, today announced a global corporation among Lenovo to help venture consumers protected and handle windows 10, Android, and input output strategy merely and professionally.
Using Mobile Iron’s EMM stage with choose Lenovo PCs, clients may be able to decrease the total cost of pc possession by up to eighty %.* According to the most recent information by IDC, Lenovo is currently the biggest pc provider in the world.
Mobile Iron is the protection spinal column for the digital venture, protecting company data transversely apps, network and billows.
Lenovo has beforehand make available protection and administration software to large commerce clients; conversely, to safe strategy administration contemporary in commission system, like Android and Windows 10, clients need new software.
Now, Lenovo clients can buy Mobile Iron’s inclusive protection and organization display place at the same time as Lenovo PC’s, Tablets and smart phones. This one shop shopping also simplifies Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) because application can be steadily stipulation.
Lenovo mobile Iron and its reseller associates will offer specialist military to organize across the worldwide venture.
The addition of Mobile Iron safety and managing stage surrounding out Lenovo’s present venture computing Portfolio: a gathering of contributions that providing contemporary computing, protection, and transportation foodstuffs.
In October 2016, Lenovo introduced the united workstation darken to offer workers with cut down admission to their corporation’s absolute compilation of application and contented via single sign on, on any device ,anytime ,anywhere.
Later that month, the corporations commence its Think Agile portfolio to help clients convert their data centers with IT contributions that are appliance centric, pre-validated, and pre-integrated. This gives clients sudden achievement time for maximum value and dexterity in an easy to use solution.
Now Mobile Iron Lenovo clients can choose cutting edge devices like the yoga exchangeable and the motoZ smart phones, organize a personalized workstation with the unified workstation confuse, secure the endpoint with Mobile Iron, and update their data centers with think agile solutions .
“We are finding inventive ways to meet our clients’ needs as they conversion from inheritance campaign to new form feature. The beginning of Windows 10 agrees to clients to move to cloud-based, agent-less stipulation of pieces for the project,” said Jerry Paradise, Lenovo Executive manager of worldwide venture PC and think commerce managing.
“We are working with Mobile Iron to give our activity clients a protected, agile stage as they built out and update their communications.”
“Contemporary venture computing income moving to modern operating systems like windows 10, Android, and iOS, and using venture mobility administration (EMM) to secure all your devices from mobile to disktops,” said Barry Mainz, leader and CEO, MobileIron.
“As the market organizer in PC sales, Lenovo is leading that conversion on the hardware front and this corporation with Mobile Iron adds the dangerous sanctuary layer that corporations need for modern working organization. Clients can now get both their hardware and their software the same trusted corporation.”


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